Corporate party in Japanese style — a bright end of 2021

Our employees got together in a beautiful area of Loft Hall to celebrate the end of the year.

Japanese motives were chosen as the theme of the party. Many followed the dress code and came in special costumes.

Our corporate party was a high-level event, as always at Admitad. My special thanks for the theme of the evening, I enjoyed the process of choosing my costume and make-up. There were so many gorgeous people! I liked the hall and the fireplace; and the idea of Telegram chat — it was very nice. I discovered a passion for thematic costume parties I never imagined before. Looking forward to our next meeting!

Alina, Business Development Manager at Admitad

At the entrance the guests were welcomed by entertainers wearing stunning outfits. There also was a photo booth to get bright pictures.

It was a cool heart-warming corporate party! I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces and beautiful costumes. I enjoyed the holiday atmosphere of the upcoming New Year!

Alexander, BAFTA Teamlead at Admitad

The guys could compete in the knowledge of anime and take part in the contest for the best costume.

Also, there were dancing shows by the Z dance group, live music and New Year celebrations from the colleagues. The evening ended with the performance of TOFU cover band and a disco party.

The most important thing at every party is a team, luckily there are a lot of open-minded and positive people at Admitad. The atmosphere encouraged me to communicate and interact, so I managed to get to know many colleagues better. My special thanks to the event organizers for the format of the party! I’m sure there will be more fancy ideas in the future.

Pavel, DevOps Specialist at Admitad